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Torque Specifications
SpeedMart Tech Team

Torque Accuracy on Fasteners

Screw threads appear to be a simple concept yet much confusion and inconsistency exist regarding torque values. The mechanics of the screw thread are actually very complex and have numerous interacting variables. Sliding friction is affected by materials (like steel or aluminum on titanium), surface roughness, bearing area, material hardness, lubrication and so on.

Accuracy: Tightening is not an accurate science, look at the preloading accuracy published in the "Machinery's Handbook, 25th Edition, page 1404"



By Feel

+/- 35%

Torque Wrench

+/- 25%


+/- 15%

Preload washers

+/- 10%

Bolt elongation

+/- 3%

Bolt elongation Strain Gauges

+/- 1%

Recommended Torque Spec's for Titanium Fasteners

Use torque values specified by your equipment manufacture, when available. For titanium fasteners the torque values are listed below. We recommend anti-seize or moly paste be applied to the threads.

The importance of correct application cannot be overemphasized. Undertorque can result in unnecessary wear of nuts and bolts as well as the parts they hold together. When insufficient pressures are applied, uneven loads will be transmitted throughout the assembly which may result in excessive wear or premature failure due to fatigue. Overtorque can be equally damaging because of failure of the bolt or nut from overstressing the thread areas.

Torque Limits for American Size Bolts in Tension

(For bolts in shear reduce the values shown below by 30-40%)



Bolt Size

Min. Torque

Max. Torque

Bolt Size

Min. Torque

Max. Torque


80 in lbs

90 in lbs


72 in lbs

81 in lbs


120 in lbs

145 in lbs


108 in lbs

130 in lbs


160 in lbs

185 in lbs


144 in lbs

148 in lbs


200in lbs

250 in lbs


180 in lbs

225 in lbs


235 in lbs

255 in lbs


211 in lbs

229 in lbs


520 in lbs

630 in lbs


468 in lbs

567 in lbs


400 in lbs

480 in lbs


360 in lbs

432 in lbs


770 in lbs

950 in lbs


693 in lbs

855 in lbs