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Mini Sprint Winter Maintenance Tips "new"
SpeedMart Tech Team


Remove the carburetors.  (Cover intake openings)  Clean carburetors exterior with brake clean and air. Make sure all dirt and debris is removed. Remove the float bowls. Remove all of the jets and place in carburetor cleaner for 24 hours. ( do not place any plastic items in carburetor cleaner)  Remove the floats and gently clean the float needles and seats. Blow out all orifices with low air pressure. Reassemble floats and jets spray everything with WD-40 replace the float bowls. Remove the four slide caps by removing the 4 screws in each cap. Remove the spring, slide and diaphragm. Clean the slide and cavity with WD-40 (DO NOT USE BRAKE CLEAN) replace the slide and spring. Make sure the slide diaphragm is in the groove for a proper seal. You can blow air in the breather tubes and make sure the slide moves freely up and down. Spray all external linkage with WD-40.

  • Remove fuel pump and clean screen spray with WD-40.
  • Flush fuel regulator You can fill it with WD-40 work fine
  • Check throttle cable and linkage for freedom of movement. Recommend lubing throttle cable and clutch cable with cable lube. If they do not move freely replace them prior to next race.
  • Drain and replace the engine oil. Methanol blows past the rings and getting into the oil. The oil and Methanol will separate over time and is not good for the engine.
  • Remove the spark plugs and spray WD-40 into the cylinders while turning the engine over for about two minutes allowing the new oil to circulate through the engine. Replace the spark plugs.
  • Drain and replace the coolant. Tip the car from side to side to make sure as much coolant is drained as possible.
  •  Drain and replace the brake fluid
  • Remove, clean and grease the front wheel bearing make sure they spin freely with all of the grease removed. If not replace them.
  • Remove, clean and grease the bird cage and brake hub bearings make sure they spin freely with all of the grease removed. If not replace them.
  • Check brake rotor for being true lightly sand both sides with 120 grit sand paper to remove build up. Start the new season with new pads.
  • Check the rear axle for wear where it rides on the bird cages.
  • Remove the shocks and check the heim ends for freedom of movement. If not replace them. Suggest having the shock dyno’ed for proper operation. Rebuild as needed,
  • Replace all torsion bar bushings
  • Remove the chain clean with brake clean while hanging use air to blow out all dirt and debris. Make sure the chain links do not bind if so replace the chain. Place the chain in a coffee can and cove with oil when ready to use next season let hang for a couple of days to allow the excess oil to drain off.  
  • Remove all body work and inspect the frame, Engine mounts and seat mounts for cracks and or damage.
  • Check seat belts for wear and dates.
  • Remove fuel safe bladder and clean inside and out check for wear.