Update - ASCS Southwest Region

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Update - ASCS Southwest Region
By: info@speedmartinc.com ~ 4/20/2016


February 27th, 2016 would see the first race of the ASCS Southwest Region as they would take to the Central Arizona Speedway, in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Logan Forler would strike first with his first ASCS Southwest win of 2016.  It would be Logan's sixth career ASCS Southwest triumph.

The #2L would give chase from the seventh starting position, taking the lead from Bob Ream, Jr. in the closing laps.  Ream held on to finish second with early race leader, James Mosher, completing the podium.

SpeedMart Hard Charger was Wes Wofford as he would come from 17th to fifth.

Heat winners were Ryan Linder, Bob Ream, Jr. and James Mosher.  Billy Chester II would take the B feature.


It would be March 12th, 2016 when the series would hit Canyon Speedway Park in Peoria, Arizona.

Logan Forler would claim his second win in as many races with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region in 2016, holding off the hard charging Dusty Zomer.

With 24 drivers at Canyon Speedway Park, Logan would lead flag-to-flag in the Steve Forler Trucking #2L for his seventh career win with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region.  Dusty would come across in second and J.T. Imperial would take third.

For the second time Wes Wofford would take the SpeedMart Hard Charger award.

Heat winners were Rick Ziehl, Logan and James Aragon.  The B feature was won by R.J. Johnson.


Arizona Speedway would host the March 19th, 2016 race for the ASCS Southwest Region.

 It would be Arizona’s Colton Hardy finding victory lane for the first time with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region, taking the win at the Arizona Speedway in Queen Creek, Arizona.  It would not just be his first win with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region, but also his first behind the wheel of a sprint car.   Hardy would be the 41st different winner in ASCS Southwest competition, beating out New Mexico’s Rick Ziehl who came from ninth to second and Casey Buckman who was third.

The SpeedMart Hard Charger award would go to J.T. Imperial as he would come from 17th to 5th.

Heat winners were Kaylene Verville, Jesse Baker and Dusty Zomer.


Southern New Mexico Speedway would host the ASCS Southwest Shootout April 1st and 2nd, 2016.

 John Carney II would take the ASCS Southwest Shootout Prelim win on April 1st.

Carney would jump the John James owned #4j into the lead and pick up his third overall A-Feature victory in 2016, and his second career win with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region at the Southern New Mexico Speedway in the ASCS Southwest Sprint Car Shootout.  John would battle the better part of the race with Logan Forler.  They would trade the lead on lap 14, as Forler would steal it away off the exit of turn-two. Carney, however, would skip through the cushion in turn three  turning the car down the track to keep his night’s record of laps led perfect.  Logan would follow in second and Johnny Herrera finishing third.

Wes Wofford would capture another SpeedMart Hard Charger award as he would move from 18th to sixth.

Heat race winners were Colton Hardy, John, Logan and Bob Ream, Jr.  Lance Norick would win the B feature event.


John Carney II Sweeps To Win ASCS Southwest Shootout in a festival of slide jobs at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

Royal Jones would cause a red on the first lap but walked away from the incident. John would fall into second as Johnny Herrera would lead the way.  A caution on lap 3 would bring the field together and the restart would see the John James owned #4j take over the lead with a slide job through turns one and two but would lose the top spot on the following lap to Logan Forler.

Approaching lapped traffic by lap 10, Logan and John would have a game of cat and mouse. Using lapped cars as picks, the pair swapped slide jobs at all ends of the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

Logan was able to continually keep beating out Carney to the line after several hair raising moves through traffic, but Carney was able to finally kill the momentum of Forler’s #2L on lap 18 to take over the race lead. Still picking their way through the field, the closing laps saw Carney able to gain some breathing room as he was able to separate himself from Logan. Logan would remain in the second spot and Johnny Herrera took third.

SpeedMart Hard Charger honors would go to R.J. Johnson as he would go from 17th to tenth.

Heat race wins went to Royal Jones, Josh Baughman and J.T. Imperial.  R.J. would win the B feature event.


Absent from victory lane since 2014, Arizona’s Lance Norick would end his dry spell at the Canyon Speedway Park with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region.

It would be Norick’s third career victory with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region, as he would rail the highline of the Canyon Speedway Park in his Children’s Miracle Network #90 . Coming from the eighth position, Norick advanced past Stevie Sussex on Lap 5 for the lead. Colby Copeland would finish second with Ryan Linder taking third.

Lance would also receive the SpeedMard Hard Charger award coming from 8th to take the win.

Casey Buckman, Stevie Sussex and Colby Copeland would take heat wins.