Summer Thunder Sprint Series - Yakima 4/1&2/16

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Summer Thunder Sprint Series - Yakima 4/1&2/16
By: ~ 4/12/2016


Summer Thunder Sprint Series

Central Washington State Fair Raceway

Yakima, WA

April 1st and 2nd, 2016


"Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge"

Night #1

Jason Solwold would start fifth in the feature and he would begin his march to the front early, putting his Shaylen Raye Motorsports #18 in third in the early going even as the race was interrupted with numerous cautions.  It was after passing second place Trey Starks before a lap seven caution, that Jason would turn it up, flying past race leader Jared Peterson on lap eight on the inside of turn two to take the lead.  It was from there that Jason was unstoppable, with his margin of victory being over half the track long.  Jared Peterson would maintain second and Cam Smith would take third.

Heat race wins would go to Austen Wheatley, Cam Smith, Steve Vague and Colton Heath.  Austen would also set fast time with a 14.702.


The Washington Modified Tour would debut with Jesse Williamson taking the feature win.  He would be followed by Collen Winebarger and John Campos.

Heat winners were Jerry Schram, Craig Hansen, Grey Ferrando and Kyle Yeack.  The B main was won by Don Jenner.


 Night #2

Starting fifth, Trey would move quickly to the top of the track in turn one and two and would race his way into the third spot. As he explored the bottom of turns three and four,  he would pass pole sitter Michael Bollinger for second and then he aimed for early leader Steve Vague.  Steve would see his near straightaway lead evaporate slowly as Starks made his charge forward. Trey would use a groove half a car lower than Steve in the first couple of turns to pull alongside down the back straightaway on lap 15, then he would pull past him coming out of four to take the lead. Using slower traffic, Steve would pull even with Trey again on both lap sixteen and seventeen, but Trey was too strong and would hold off the challenge and strengthened his lead as the pair hit clean air.  Jason Solwold would pass Steve for second and then would make an attempt at catching Starks but ran out of time as Trey would take his first STSS win of 2016.  Jason would take the second spot and JJ Hickle finished third.

Henry Van Dam, Joe Ramaker, Jared Peterson and Robbie Price would win the heats.  Jason Solwold would set fast time at 16.190.


Jason Beaulieu would take the Washington Modified Tour feature win.  Mark Carrell and Jesse Williamson would follow in second and third. 

Craig Hanson would win the B feature.

Heat races were won by Jason, Mark Carrell, Don Jenner and Jesse.