Skagit Speedway - Grays Harbor Raceway - May 14, 2016

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Skagit Speedway - Grays Harbor Raceway - May 14, 2016
By: ~ 5/16/2016


  James Bundy would take the coveted trip to victory lane on Saturday night at Skagit Speedway,  parking the Bullet Racing #57 in victory lane on his Grandpa / Car Owner Jerry Bundy’s 70th birthday to score an emotional win.


Greg Otis would take to the early lead and would hold it for the first 12 laps before Bundy found traction underneath him in turn two of lap 13 to take the lead. James would weave his car through slower cars for four laps until a yellow flag on lap 17 would stack the field up behind him. James was great on the restart, as well the restart on lap 20 after a restart on lap 24 too as he took the checkered flag and the win, dedicating it to Grandpa Jerry, who sold his Harley this offseason to fund a new engine for James’ car.  Zach McCabe would come in second and Steve Parker was third.

Quick time was set by Bill Rude.  Heats were won by McCabe, Otis and Joe Lyon.


Graham Cook would pick up the win in the High Society Modified series.


Chris Beaulieu would pick up the lead on lap five after a Delaware style restart played out perfectly in front of him, allowing him to rocket from fifth to first in one lap. Chris would check out on the field having a near half-track lead, but in the final corner of the final lap, would unfortunately spin to a stop in turn four. Meanwhile, Graham had just passed Rick Smith for second, and as the field gathered for a green – white – checkered restart,  Lawrence O’Conner would give Graham a challenge on the restart, but Cook held strong to take his first Skagit Speedway win.  Lawrence would finish second and Tyler Ketchum would take third.

Heats were won by O'Conner and Beaulieu.



Colton Heath would pick up his first win since 2011 at Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday night, May 14, 2016.


Colton Heath and Jeff Dunlap would be on the front row of the 360 feature event. Heath jumped to the early lead on Dunlap, running the bottom of the raceway. Dunlap ran the top side looking to make a move, but the caution flag would fly on lap two setting up a restart. On the restart Heath brought the field to the green with Dunlap looking to chase him down. Trey Starks moved into the second position getting by Dunlap, setting his sights on Colton. Jeff would maintain the third position, as Trey raced side by side with Heath for the lead, finally succeeding by taking the top spot after battling for several laps. The caution once again flew on lap five.  Starks would lead the field to the green with Heath, Dunlap and Tayler Malsam behind him. A great restart by Starks saw him pull away from Heath while the battle for third went on between Dunlap and Malsam.  A restart on lap 21 after a red flag would once again bring the field together.  Colton would take the lead from Starks on the restart as Trey had a right rear tire going down. Trey would bring out the caution a lap later as the tire exploded down the front stretch. The caution would set up a three lap shootout between Heath, Reece Goetz, and Malsam. Heath, with a great restart pulled away from the rest of the field picking up the win, his first since August 13, 2011.


Tom Sweatman would pick up his first win of 2016 in the Shipwreck Beads Modified series feature event.


 Scott Miller was looking for redemption in the Shipwreck Beads Modified feature after last weekend's violent flip in. He would set the pace with Tom Sweatman on the outside of him on the start.  Scott would take to the early lead, but Sweatman would be right there to take advantage on any mistakes. Tom would look to the high side and would take the lead from Miller on lap two. Scott wasn't going to let Sweatman run away with it, staying right behind him.  Miller would look to the inside multiple times as he would try to take the lead from Tom as both drivers would run the same smooth line on the raceway. First caution of the feature came out on lap 11.  Sweatman would  lead the field to the green, leading Miller and Zack Simpson. Simpson would move into the second spot taking it from Miller as Kyler Moore would be looking to take the third spot from Miller. As close as the top four were throughout the feature one mistake by Sweatman could have cost him the lead. Moore looked to the outside of Simpson late into the race for second, looking to hunt down Sweatman for the lead. A late race restart allowed Moore to make his move on Sweatman, but he would be unable to make the pass and Tom would go onto take the win.  Kyler Moore would cross in second and Scott Miller finished third.

Heat wins were won by Miller and Sweatman.